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Many countries around the world especially North America and Europe are experiencing serious healthcare problems. National health services are unable to guarantee timely treatment to its patients and furthermore face an immense financial burden of aging populations. The rising costs of healthcare are also putting severe pressure on health insurance companies and employers alike.

Hygeia Healthcare offers a cost attractive alternative by providing institutional healthcare outsourcing solutions allowing your organization to save money and offer your clients a better service.

Furthermore, Hygeia Healthcare gives your organization the opportunity to improve the productivity of your employees by offering attractive wellness incentive packages. 

Below you will find our range of corporate healthcare services.

Outsourcing of Employee Healthcare
By taking advantage of the excellent healthcare opportunities abroad organizations can reduce the financial burden caused by the increasing healthcare costs.  Hygeia Healthcare offers corporations and institutions the opportunity to offer their employees access to elective surgery abroad and thus enjoy significant cost savings.

Outsourcing of interpretation of medical scans
The presence of numerous excellent medical professionals overseas combined with the digital options available today and favorable wage differentials enables hospitals to save cost and free valuable resources by outsourcing the interpretation of medical scans.

Stress Management Seminars
Investing in the health of your employees is certain to be a profitable long-term investment. Stress is increasingly causing serious health problems to many executives and employees, which ultimately result in low productivity of your organization's valuable human resources. Hygeia Healthcare can offer stress management seminars that involves a comprehensive health check and stress assessment followed by a stress relief program that includes stress management techniques and professional counseling.

Employee Incentive Packages
Healthy and motivated employees produce better results. Hygeia Healthcare provides the ideal way to motivate employees to produce superior results by giving organizations the opportunity to offer wellness incentive packages as part of employee compensation. Furthermore, it will benefit your organization by producing more energetic and productive employees.

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